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Natural Aragonite Crystal Cluster

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Material:  Natural Aragonite Crystal

Size: 20x20x10mm-35x30x25mm (0.7''-1.3'')

Weight:15g - 25g

Origin: Morocco

Aragonite Associations

Zodiac Capricorn
Element - Earth
Vibration - Number 9
Typical colors - Colorless, white, yellow, blue, green

Healing with Aragonite

♥ Truth ♥ Emotional stability ♥ Mental stability ♥ Understanding ♥ Perception

Aragonite is a stabilizing stone that centers and grounds physical energies, being useful in time of stress.  It helps to prepare for meditation and stabilizes spiritual development.  It provides insight into the causes of problems and situations.  Aragonite aids concentration and brings tolerance and flexibility to the mind.  It teaches acceptance and patience, especially helpful to those who feel they have too much responsibility.  Aragonite provides strength and support, helping to combat anger and emotional stress.

Aragonite is attuned to the Earth Goddess, encouraging conservation and recycling.  It is a reliable earth-healer and grounding stone.  Aragonite transforms geopathic stress.

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